Featured Vendor: Charleston Candle Co

Founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Kristen and Chaz Schwiers, Charleston Candle Co. began when they combined their love for making things (discovered when Kristen began pouring candles in their small apartment kitchen) with their love of Charleston. Three years after opening their Etsy store, Charleston Candle Co candles, which are all inspired by iconic Charleston locations and culture, can now be found in retailers across the country.


Their extremely popular “Signature Collection” features candles inspired by different Lowcountry locations and historically significant icons. From “Botany Bay” (scents of vanilla, sandalwood, and hints of patchouli) to “Sunday Brunch Mimosa” (scents of citrus fruits, sweet berries, mimosa blossoms, peaches, plums, jasmine, lavender, lily and vanilla) there is at least one candle that will transport your senses to a favorite Lowcountry memory.


Charleston Candle Co. candles are all small-batch crafted from all natural soy wax made from US grown soybeans. Soy candles are longer-lasting and cleaner-burning (read: no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants) than typical paraffin wax candles. Additionally, candle wicks made from lead and zinc-free natural cotton and paper threads mean a completely clean-burning, eco-friendly candle burning experience.

Our brand is a literal representation of our love for Charleston and our community with candles based on our favorite places and features of Charleston and the lowecountry - we also want others to care about having safe, natural fragrance products in their home.
— Kristen Schwiers, Owner of Charleston Candle Co.

Charleston Candle Co. has also recently launched their Charleston Candle Co. Home collection, featuring a both handcrafted and curated items. The COMMUNITY is happy to carry a selection of these items, included linen and pillow sprays as well as wick trimmers.

Come see the current selection of beautifully crafted home accessories from Charleston Candle Co at The COMMUNITY, 701 East Bay Street Suite 102 Charleston, SC. We currently have carry their Signature and Front Porch series candles, as well as linen sprays, matches, and wick trimmers.

Randi Nuorala