Welcome Ana Barragan!

Ana Barragan is a maker and designer; handcrafting truly unique eyeware to, in her words, "give life to the characters."

The Savannah-based designer's inspiration is derived from the necessity of creating unique pieces; something she sees or fashion from past decades transformed for present context. Her aim is to use wood not just as a replacement for plastic, but to showcase the complexity and depth of this durable, natural material. 


The woods Ana uses are sourced from sustainable operations in Colombia, certified by the FSC and Fedemaderas Colombia.


Wood is layered and cured using natural materials; then in some cases colors are enhanced using natural dyes. Some of her designs also feature beautiful, elaborate engravings and hand painted accents.

Come see the current selection of Ana’s eyewear at The COMMUNITY, 701 East Bay Street Suite 102 Charleston, SC. We currently have a beautiful selection of one-of-a-kind glasses and cases.