Product spotlight: Our Fav KID BIRTHDAY Gifts!

It’s that time of the year when your kids’ social calendars require multiple colors of pen and elaborate notations. . . we are here to help make birthday gifting easy while also ensuring you show up with the coolest, most unique gift at the party (psst. . we also have cards!).

Here are our top picks for small-shop and handmade kid gifts under $35:

  1. Fashionista DIY Necklace handcrafted by Gunner & Lux in Atlanta, GA.

  2. Tenth & Pine “Happy” T-shirt from Atlanta-based shop Seed Factory

  3. Maileg “Mouse in Spa” from shop Rose & Rex

  4. Paint-your-own Superhero Cuff set by Lovelane Designs

  5. Butterly & Leaf Hair Clips - handpainted by Baby Jives Co (multiple color options)

  6. Letter Print by Nashville-based artist Cash Color (all letters availables as 8x10 or 5x7)

  7. Super Tiara by Savannah-based brand Lovelane Designs

  8. I Am A Rebel Girl Journal by Rebel Girls (includes stickers!)

  9. Unicorn & Rainbow Temporary Tattoo Pack by Nashville-based brand Love & Lion

Picking out birthday gifts for other kids can be challenging, especially on a “multiple birthday parties a week” kind of budget. Our go-to gifts are generally on the smaller side and items that are not toys (because, to be honest, most kids have enough toys!).

Crafty/DIY kit projects are great gifts; parents can stow them away for a rainy day! Handmade gifts are extra special because of the story behind them; we always are sure to write a little blurb about the gift in the card so parents (and kids) know what went into making them. For example, we regularly gift Lovelane Designs (the superhero tiara’s and paint-your-own kits are our go-to) and write a little bit about the Savannah-based, mom-owned company that designs, screen prints, and sews all of their creative products!)

Stop by The COMMUNITY to pick up your next birthday party gift! We also carry a variety of birthday cards, wrapping paper, and other adorable gift add-ons (sweet treats, Love & Lion temporary tattoos, keychains, bracelets, etc!)

(Images courtesy of Lovelane Designs, Love & Lion, Gunner & Lux, Cash Color, Baby Jives, Tenth & Pine, Maileg, and Rebel Girls)

Randi Nuorala